Are You Ready To Go... Back in Time?

Mixtape – 80s Tribute Band has headlined festivals, packed music venues, and rocked corporate events for companies ranging from small businesses to massive Fortune 500 companies. The members of Mixtape have toured in over 6 countries with internationally known recording artists, as well as shared stages with Rick Springfield, .38 Special, Foreigner, Mickey Thomas and Starship, Anthrax, Kiss, Brett Michaels, Chicago, and many more! Mixtape – 80s Tribute Band is America’s #1 touring tribute to our 80s mix tapes!

The 80s gave us MTV, big hair, arena rock, the Moonwalk, the Rubik’s Cube, Max Headroom, Trapper Keepers, Atari and Nintendo, and John Hughes movies. And in the 80s, we totally cruised the park on the weekend, hung out at the mall, lived at the arcade…and we made mix tapes! We made mix tapes for that guy or girl we liked. We made mix tapes for our trip to the lake for the weekend. We made mix tapes for that special friend who was moving away so they’d never forget about us. Do you remember calling in to the radio station to make a request just so you could add that song to your mix tape? We would sit by the boom box and wait for the DJ to play that request so we could hit “record!” Mixtape – 80s Tribute Band is America’s #1 touring tribute to our 80s mix tapes, and a Mixtape – 80s Tribute Band show will immediately transport you back to a time when we were all having the time of our lives!