The Ultimate Classic Rock Show

Over 16 years ago, in St. Paul, Minnesota, Arch Allies embarked on a musical journey as a tribute band celebrating the timeless hits of “Journey,” “Styx,” and “REO.” Initially focused on delivering those rock classics, the band has since undergone a captivating evolution.

In 2023, the ensemble welcomed the sensational Haley Dawn into their ranks, captivating audiences with her electrifying renditions of songs by iconic artists like Pat Benatar, Heart, Tina Turner, and more. Her addition sparked an immediate response from the fanbase, infusing new energy and depth into Arch Allies’ performances.

Fast forward to 2024, a pivotal year for the band marked by a significant development. Owner Kevin Todd struck a new deal with Mike Findling, the founder and co-creator of Hairball, paving the way for exciting enhancements. The first major step was the introduction of male vocalist Tyler Raad, chosen to complement Haley’s talents and create the most dynamic male-female co-lead duo. With Tyler’s extensive background in theater, the band anticipates an engaging and interactive stage presence that will captivate audiences.

Comprising the talented lineup are Tim Kletti on guitar and vocals, Andrew Hintz on bass and vocals, and John Gensmer on drums and vocals, each contributing their unique flair and expertise to the collective sound of Arch Allies.

As they take the stage, Arch Allies invites you to experience the magic of live music, promising to entertain and uplift, leaving smiles on faces and memories to cherish. Join us as we embark on a journey through the greatest hits of rock and roll history.